Saturday, 31 January 2009

echoes from an empty vessel!

I think this is what you do.... I may have been an IT Advisor at the Uni but stuff a child can do on the Web beats me.
After a sleepless night the awaited visit from the Building Regs man was anticlimactic as he glanced at the plater round the new beams said that there weren't any cracks so it was passed as OK.
After all my worry I actually felt a bit let down.
The central heating is in and is probably well over what is needed. The first night was pure hell as the system had to be run hot for the first 12 hours - consequently it was 70Degs F when I went to bed and over 80 degs F when I got up next morning - sleeping wasn't really possible. Still, it's easier to turn it down than it is to throw another radiator on the fire when it gets cold.
Exciting day today as - agroup of us always have lunch in a caff on Newcastle Station but today Tornado came with it's first charter train.... I knew an embarrasing no of people there - people I never thought of as gricers.
I usually prefer narrow gauge, North west Wales narrow gauge but have a soft spot for Tornado as I saw it in several stages of it's build.

Tuesday is another big day - 130 years since Mr Swan demonstrated his electric liight bulb in the Literary and Philosophical Society's lecture theatre - We were even mentioned in the Guardian today. Celebrations will be held, wine poured (by me) and nibbles nibbled (by me too).

Monday, 26 January 2009

Errr well......

I know the blog is called a Bear of little brain and the picture is of a cat but perhaps that proves the lack of brain. My other picture is of my old teddy bear (Bronco) who was 50 on Christmas day however I realised that to call him a BoLB would be an insult as he's more intelligent than me.
I haven't a clue what I'm doing here....
Call it a reaction to having the house in chaos due to getting full central heating system installed and now having to clear the most congested corners for an electrican.
And discovering that the builder who knocked the kitchen chimney breast out somehow managed not to apply for Building Regs cert.
And I'd like to be able to cook a meal but the kitchen doesn't exist
And the tv is on the blink
And the new Bruce Springsteen cd wasn't delivered today.....
And I am very annoyed that a certain Forum seems to have one rule for some and another for the rest so my dummy has been ejected from my pram.