Sunday, 26 April 2009

An ungrand design!

This is not a Grand Design. Neither is it a job which the stalwarts of a Forum relating to old properties would agree with.
Not being able to DIY except for a bit of woodwork and decorating etc and even worse, not haviing transport has meant that most work has had to be paid for - not always as wanted so that an extra had to be brought in to redo a bit - properly.
Did you know that a bus driver can stop you getting on his bus if you are carrying a tin of paint that hasn't got the lid fastened on with sticky tape? My problem is getting the lid *off* not spilling paint all over the bus because the lid is loose.
The maximum length of wood you can get on a bus is 2ms.
Heavy stuff? Well you have to be able to lift it onto the luggage rack AKA the free newspaper recycling dump.
Old kitchen, during work and new kitchen. I'm scared to use it. There has also been a full central heating system insatlled which took ages and made more mess than I dreamed was possible.
Wall tiles and flooring need sorting still but that's the worst over.

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  1. Well, at least you will be warm next winter, even if the new kitchen is too scary to use!