Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Grand designs?

Actually saw a Grand Design that I like today! It was a repeat (missed it first time round) of one in France where they built a house with wood frame ad straw bales. Most of these porgs show pretentious pratts (I said MOST - not all) including one which was obviously a hospitality area/advert for an architectural practice in an old piano factory.
But this one was a prog where you ached for it to go right for the guy building it and it was so lovely when it was done. They seemed to float far above the surrounding countryside.
Compare it with the new one after it on the other Channel where it seemed money was no object. The old folly was lovely, I wanted it. Then they built a horrible white box container thing onto the side of the old building and on top of a completely out of scale kitchen which apparently was just a Chain company's off the peg one - oh, yes? I've got a cheap one of B&Q's cheaper line and for a space the size of their island bit it's costing me £4 grand. To me it spoilt the whole site. It jarred.
What a contrast between the two projects.

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  1. That side extension looked like the site Portakabins were still there!